Power-to-X Showcase Symposium 2023

Date: November 14, 2023, 2pm until 7pm

Location: GETEC PARK. SWISS AG, Muttenz near Basel

Welcome to the Power-to-X Showcase Symposium, a groundbreaking event poised to redefine the sustainable energy landscape. On November 14, 2023, at the prestigious GETEC PARK. SWISS AG in Muttenz near Basel, Switzerland, join us as we embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Switzerland’s Commitment to a Greener Future
In a resounding commitment to a greener future, Switzerland has recently dedicated 15 million Swiss Francs towards the advancement of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) research based on Power-to-X technology. The Swiss Power-to-X Collaborative Innovation Network SPIN shares the vision behind this and seeks to establish synergies, encourage collaborative projects, and inspire innovation within the realm of sustainable energy. In doing so, we align with Switzerland’s unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability.

Switzerland is at the forefront of exploring sustainable energy solutions and is discussing the necessity and avenues for importing renewable Power-to-X products. As a nation that values ecological responsibility, Switzerland continues to spearhead initiatives that pave the way towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape.

Power-to-X Showcase Symposium, strategically timed ahead of COP28, scheduled to convene in the United Arab Emirates on November 30th, underscores SPIN’s readiness to address the pressing challenges within the sustainable energy sector. It positions us as active contributors to the global effort to combat climate change and forge a sustainable path forward for generations to come.

Event Overview

The Power-to-X Showcase Symposium is designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the latest advancements in Power-to-X technologies and their potential impact on our sustainable energy future. Building on the resounding success of SPIN DAY held last year, this event promises a half day filled with engaging discussions, expert insights, and opportunities for networking with industry leaders and researchers.

Join Distinguished Attendees

Our symposium will be graced by the presence of prominent politicians, Swiss decision-makers, high-profile representatives from partnering countries (not confirmed yet), distinguished professors, leading researchers, and the most innovative Swiss startups in the Power-to-X domain. Their collective expertise and commitment to sustainable energy will contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the event.

This addition highlights the prestigious nature of the event and the diverse array of attendees who will be participating, contributing to the symposium’s impact and relevance in the field of sustainable energy.

Preliminary Program

  • Welcome speech
  • Keynote & discussion: Power-to-X Pilot and Demonstration Plant
  • Guided site GETEC PARK.SWISS tour
  • Demonstration of a methanol turbine
  • Networking break
  • Keynote & discussion: Power-to-X Demonstration Plant in Portugal HYFUELUP
  • Keynote & discussion: Swiss Sustainable Aviation Initiatives – An Overview
  • Networking break
  • Workshops & discussion
  • Signing of a consortium agreement for an industrial plant
  • Media Q&A
  • Closing speech
  • Networking

Event Sponsors

Event Partners

  • SPIN (Swiss Power-to-X Collaborative Innovation Network)

SWISS POWER-TO-X COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION NETWORK (SPIN): SPIN is dedicated to promoting CO2-neutral Power-to-X as a key technology for climate-neutral mobility and renewable energy solutions. Established in May 2021, SPIN brings together stakeholders from research, industry, politics, and civil society to drive innovation and advocate for renewable energy adoption.

GETEC PARK. SWISS AG: This international infrastructure-as-a-service provider in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. Their expertise in Waste-to-Value, Waste-to-Energy, and Waste Water Treatment aligns perfectly with the goals of Power-to-X.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future!
The SPIN Power-to-X Showcase Symposium is your gateway to the world of renewable energy and sustainable solutions. Be part of the change and help create a greener tomorrow.

This symposium is by invitation only for SPIN Members and prospects. If you wish to attend, please email us at info@spin-together.ch.