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SPIN was founded and is currently powered by Airborn Fuels Switzerland AG. After SPIN DAY 2022, SPIN will hold an extraordinary general assembly to elect a new board and presidium. With this act, SPIN will become independent from Airborn Fuels Switzerland AG.

SPIN’s mission is to promote the exchange among the players – from research, industry, politics and civil society – and to facilitate the achievement of suitable framework conditions for Power-to-X.

Our next milestones are:

  1. To launch a strategic alliance with Swissmem (see media release)
  2. To identify the current needs for action with regard to optimal framework conditions
  3. To facilitate networking between relevant players from research, industry, politics and civil society
  4. To identify possible synergies between the different players
  5. To achieve a positive public perception of the potential and the technology of Power-to-X

The bylaws of SPIN (currently only in German) can be downloaded here.

Board of Directors of SPIN

Philipp Furler, Patrick Lura, Thomas Blättler, Patrik Meli, Prof. Andre Heel, Christoph Beuttler, Yasmine Calisesi, Prof. Markus Friedl, Martin Bäumle

Managing Directors

Peter Metzinger (Campaigning) and Roger Sonderegger (Association Management)


Interested individuals, companies, foundations, associations, research institutions and other public institutions and corporations are invited to join.

Please fill out the online form here.

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