Media release of the 29th September 2023

Swiss Power-to-X Collaborative Innovation Network SPIN welcomes Energy Mantelerlass Law

Zurich. The Swiss Power-to-X Collaborative Innovation Network (SPIN) welcomes today’s adoption of the Federal Act on Secure Power Supply with Renewable Energies (Energie-Mantelerlassgesetz). In the opinion of the innovation network, the grid fee exemption contained therein for pilot and demonstration plants up to 200 MW total output represents an important course for the energy transition. At its core, this means equality of chemical energy storage with pumped storage power plants and other storage facilities.

Power-to-X is the technology that converts renewable energy into other forms of energy, primarily hydrogen, methane and fuels. These can replace fossil energies or be used as a seasonal storage medium for later use. Power-to-X therefore has the potential to advance the energy transition, as it makes it possible to store renewable energies efficiently and use them flexibly.

SPIN goes back to a joint initiative of companies, research institutions, associations and government organisations in Switzerland. The goal of the network is to advance the development and implementation of power-to-X technologies.

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