Are you interested in the latest developments in Power-to-X technologies? Do you want to learn about how innovative startups are leading the way in this exciting field? Then you won’t want to miss our webinar series “SPIN Together Webinars”! These are valuable events for anyone who is passionate about the future of clean energy and wants to learn more about the latest developments in the Power-to-X ecosystem. You’ll gain valuable insights into the challenges startups are facing in this field, and you’ll leave with inspiration and motivation to pursue your own ideas and projects.

On May 4th, 2023, SPIN hosted the first webinar of the “SPIN Together Webinars” series and brought its network an exclusive look at one of the most promising Swiss startups in the Power-to-Hydrogen space today, Beyond Scroll. The EPFL spin-off, based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, is developing an “efficiency booster” for green hydrogen production. 

This comes in the form of an oil-free scroll compressor capable to compress hydrogen from low pressure, thus increasing the efficiency of the green hydrogen production process. With its technology, the startup aims at unlocking the full potential of green hydrogen and its widespread use for several applications, from electric vehicles to energy storage and domestic heating.

During the webinar, Beyond Scroll’s founders, Marianna Fighera (CEO) and Luis Carlos Mendoza Toledo (CTIO), presented their innovative approach and discussed their vision about the future of Power-to-Hydrogen technologies. 

“By introducing our compressors into the green hydrogen value chain, we can solve two of the major challenges associated to the hydrogen transition today: the efficiency of the production process and the lack of infrastructure.” – said Marianna.

Beyond Scroll’s compressors are in fact based on its innovative and proprietary design which solves the challenges associated to the compression of hydrogen at low-pressure and allows electrolysers to work at their optimal conditions, hence maximum efficiency.

By making the current generation of electrolysers (alkaline, PEM) more efficient and by accelerating the commercialization of the future generation of less energy intensive electrolysers, such as SOEC which operate at low pressure, Beyond Scroll is strongly contributing to accelerating the global energy transition.

After the startup presentation, a Q&A session allowed participants to ask the founders burning questions about their innovation and next steps and to establish connections for follow-ups. 

The second part of the webinar was focused on the following topics: 

  • Terminology of Power-to-X products
  • Power-to-X News with Q&A, including developments in the EU

As it turned out, terminology is not an easy challenge. There are fuels, which are biomass based but their production requires electrolysis. Some call them synthetic, others call them bio fuels. We are currently discussing whether it does make sense at all, to make a difference between bio and synthetic. It might be better to just call them renewable fuels and to categorise them only by their source of carbon (biomass, waste, CCU and DAC). We’ll keep you posted.

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