The following article was meant to be published on 15th March but somehow it got stuck in the draft folder…

On the evening of 14th March, another meeting of the Hydrogen Parliamentary Group took place in Bern. The industry meeting, with an estimated 100 participants, was opened by Federal Councillor Albert Rösti, who emphasized the importance of renewable hydrogen for the energy transition and the storage of electricity. He expressed his hope that Switzerland can take advantage of this technology.

National Councilor Doris Fiala said goodbye as co-chair because she will not run for the National Council in the fall and welcomed her successor Martin Candinas.

In addition to the numerous conversations on the sidelines of the event, one highlight was the surprise announcement of the name change to “Parliamentary Group Hydrogen / Power-to-X” by National Councilor Maja Riniker. This is to underline the fact that hydrogen can not only be produced green by means of Power-to-X, but also that it is a crucial raw material for the production of chemical energy carriers such as methanol and synfuels (eFuels). Equally pleased, the SPIN representatives present at the event noted that our Co-President Martin Bäumle was officially welcomed as a member to the Parliamentary Group Hydrogen / Power-to-X.