At SPIN DAY 2022 workshops will play a central role. It will be here, where the emerging collaborative network will be able to discuss and work on questions like

  1. Common power-to-X target setting
  2. Prerequisites for achieving these targets (framework conditions, support measures)
  3. Expectations on and core tasks of SPIN d
  4. Swiss roadmap on renewable aviation fuel
  5. The Role of Direct Air Capture in the Context of Carbon Cycles of the Future – facilitation: Climeworks 
  6. The Potential of Methanol – facilitation: Silent Power
  7. The Importance of Power-to-X for Power Grid Stabilization
  8. Manifesto – our Message to the Public
  9. How can we coordinate the Variety of Power-to-X Events in Switzerland?

Today we launched the workshops page that will keep you informed about the updated list of workshops and further information that participants need to know about them.

More topics and information on facilitation and workshop methodology will be added on an ongoing basis. It is also possible that topics will be deleted again in the process. 

Those who have registered for SPIN DAY will receive further information about the workshops in advance with a request to choose one. In order to achieve an optimal result, the workshops are prepared together with the participants in advance.

Keep coming back to the workshops page to be always up tp date. And don’t forget to get your ticket before 16 June, when the regular price ends.